Wednesday, May 29, 2019

28min #48

Hopefully, the search engines will love 28min #48 so much that it will insist that the French news show 28 MINUTES will request a text link that is a cutaway to a slogan consultation. And/or something else that will bear fruit to web bots that will give a good referral to the SEO index files.

Penguin was a Google study of actual Penguins & then a project.

Also, there is a Futurama where a robot actually loves a penguin and lives among them. That robots name is Bender Rodriguez. You're going to like that guy he's a Godfella. According to Hulu the name of that episode is  The Birbot of Ice-Catraz. @lipjfry might like this on Twitter I don't know. I also am wondering if @Skylly_w is a Futurama enthusiast too. Now I want to know if since penguins are a type of bird and they squawk if that could be a form of twittering. At least the chick when their like barf into my food mon and/or dad! Tweet. tweet, tweet! #RETWEET & like.
This is an example of  a picture of penguins that was uploaded via 
 a computer that has .bat files in it. If you want to see penguins 
live, best advice is to GOTO the zoo. And/or if you want to learn 
more about the Penguin project that follows the specs of Google to 
integrate organic SEO: Seek and ye shall find. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

28min #47

This is a spineless jellyfish:
Like Zoidberg: @lipfry you to Skully_W.
Your momma can like it too!

Ice cream makers on sale now!

High-quality makeup sponges!

Cute tea infusers!!

Request de perfumes set!!! The language of love mon Sherie. And that was the catalyst for making some room via word of mouth means of the early internet a.k.a link building.

You know what else is known as link building. It's called:


Well, well, well, draw the water. You can do it from the well or try to capture the sea like it was during the time this jellyfish was photographed so that it could be used as an example and cut in to some insights into the season 4 episode 9 of Futurama (Future Stock) who's today's message will be echoed on today here bellow which is:

"If you don't play it someone else will."

A.k.a “ Use it or lose it. "

Use this as a call to action to cure your bone-itis

Like keeping your fingers over the home row of a QWERTY keyboard to spur on ideas and thoughts to be jotted down like as if an LAUSD product was being hidden within a mathematics word problem to cure the societal woes that paying for a security in exchange for a valid reason to pray that all goes well with the new business you bought into. Unless thou art trying a pump and dump scheme.

To many of those preluded the great depression. Don't you know?

As for finger painting here is an example of finger painting whilst hydrating:

H2O paintwork was done while drinking water simultaneously.

The artwork to the right was done only when water was being drunk to really try. Several times I had to stop for a while and let the fluids assimilate.

Monday, May 27, 2019

28min #46

At the casino but you don’t gamble:

 This blog post is designed for someone who is at a casino but doesn’t like to gamble. It’s cool. Currently I’m going thru the same ordeal so I can relate: Here is a picture to verify that I’m not blowing smoke even though the air is thick with the smell of nicotine and heavily saturated with sounds of bells ringing and button tapping:
Part of the gaming industry.

So just in case you don’t like to pay to play then have to pray that you break even, then you might want to try some of these activities to pass the time:

After you are done reading this please like, share and/or comment and good luck.

Use your smartphone 
I know this one seem like a no brainer but here is something new you could do with it. Say you are waiting for your mom to finish playing and you get bored and want to have a little fun and earn some money too while you’re watching your ma play slots you can use this link: When you use this link you can download bitcoin game apps that pay real currency at no risk all you have to do is pay attention and pass a few levels to earn some tokens that can be changed into real money. 

Okay, you’re saying I’m a wet blanket and a sour puss so I don’t play computer games. Well then use your smartphone to check your email. Blog. Get back to that client you haven’t called in a while or check your favorite social media and share this info with others that are in our shoes right now whilst also helping build strong backlinks so that others can find their way here later on via their favorite search engine.

This activity is easier said than done because gamblers are a special type of gamer that is intensely focused on the game at hand. But it does work and sometimes it is quite fun while at other times you don’t even recognize your existence. It’s a real crapshoot.


You might as well because the eye in the sky does and who knows you might even find that special someone you can spit game to and get lucky with.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

28min #45

This is a collage of some of the artwork featured IN the 28min series
28min has thoughts on GOD and suggests that WE can TRUST some
links like this link to a tweet that foreshadows 28min #45 and needs to be 
translated from Spanish because of the #DataKey1 profiles.   


America's slogan has 4 words they are IN GOD WE TRUST and grade school gave me lists of words to put together for points.



Wednesday, May 22, 2019

28min #44

While we are being honest I really don't feel like writing this: I also did not feel like writing anything at school so it seems as if history is repeating itself. If you have any questions raise your hand or better yet follow this link and some of the answers provided might give clarity to the thoughts you might have commissioned a public opinion poll to clarify your decision of who to pray and/or pay for. It shouldn't take more than 28 minutes to complete.


Ever heard of the Federalist papers?

 #RETWEET this and/or #LIKE this blog:

While writing this I'm listening to an audiobook on the history of the United States. Whilst writing I head about the federalist papers of early American history which set off a cascade of cognitive neural synapsis that linked the factS of these by  Old Federalist papers that I kind of forgot who and/or why wrote them but I do remember that it was part of establishing a stable country. I sometimes remember these New Federalist papers to keep my finger on the pulse my homelands economic developments at least to be a good neighbor and to love the Lord of Hosts who blesses America:

Okay, I'm out of ideas and ways to squeeze all the link juice out of my brain. Dang, I'm tired of writing and just want to hit the weights. pump iron, break a sweat, take a walk and maybe call my mom back because I shouldn't go to bed angry and/or upset because of my economic condition. I feel kind of messed up for losing my temper towards the woman who is second only to the almighty for giving me, unconditional love. Unconditional yes but with some concessions that have to be adhered to and followed out to the best of my abilities but love none the less. So now that I told you my situation, you think you can give your mom a call? She worries and fed you via a tube connected to her own digestive system. 

Unless you are a test tube baby.

 I hope you find my transparency to your liking and would consider filling out this questionnaire.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

28min #43

Well, add something to Google +
the soup
your blog via direct follow
no follow links as well as reading w/ motherly love.

Where you going?

Want to bet?

Where to next?

Maybe I can use up 240 chars faster than I did @twitterverse but whatever this is labeled and/or hash tagged as a creative writing exercise that LAUSD moms can read to their kid while it suckles at the tit of mother dearest. Also, feel able to comment &/or translate &/or divvy up this blog that recognizes Pacific Asian heritage month after the Lord’s son Jesus was born 2019 years in. You can do it.

So... do it.

Write IN the comments section your views and/thoughts as if 

it were a time to pay and pray to GOD so WE can 

can all TRUST each other with our joint social security via checks and/or balances. Do it for the babies and/or the fun of it. And/or for the link juice that working towards live and/or love and/or game and/or get some monkey off your back and/from throwing a wrench into the works.


P.s use the hashtag #DataKey1

P.p.s What you doing?


Monday, May 20, 2019

28min #42

So get this straight that this being 28min #42 on Twitter it was written that 28min #42 was in the works. Maybe after this is done more ‘DataKey1’ re$earch text that can be linked and processed by Twitter after deleting all characters except the ones necessary to relay the link to this blog post. Twitter also has a DataKey1 except this one was set up somewhere maybe a sandbox way back in 2012  IN ether that tweet frequented with 140 characters max allowed now 240 characters are allowed to show GOD WE TRUST internet protocols that compute statistics for things like the resurrection of DataKey1 firewall stuff and blogging. This are soft references but there are breadcrumbs for previous blog posts and/or other affiliate links: 

Thoughts that happened before the 28min Questionnaire

 Twitter stuff about the Blockchain Game Alien Run

Feel free to comment and/or share below your views and opinions in restarting something after seven years and use the hash tag #DataKey1 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

28min #41

WTF God you have all that time to fuck the virgin mary but you can't just take a sec to sign off on the check or something set an auto pay on your atm and/or something Almighty. Jerk. It is written in the text do something for faith runs thin "F" err. Dang. You are technically supposed to be righteous for your own reputation. or else what is the point in having the greenback say: "IN GOD WE TRUST". I apologize for nothing redacted y 'all. Lord messed up not cool. Get wisdom! Get understanding; forget not my words or turn away from them. Ey? 



Maiden Lane LLC

All the hoopla about your loving nature in the Bible and ability to keep a deal knowingly and for some reason you make some tolerate stuff that wasn't even their fault. Do something. Take out insurance money on the electricity of the sidebar for justice sake and/or something. It is the Asian Pacific heritage month and backlinks to the previous post. All that time... It's not fair and it shouldn't be you but you are acting like a total butt wipe. You have the power and the technology to fix it so here and/or read this prayer and/or pay close attention to these words for it is written that you care about your rep at least for your own self-confidence and loving nature.  

 I mean you did float and or hover over the waters. Then set your affairs in order to love one or more folks. Then when everybody started loosing they houses because of the general failure of the ability of people to handle adjustable rate mortgages made Maiden Lane an entity for a while and put Fannie and Freddie into conservatorship status.   

 Then Ben Shalom Bernake came along and pitched the idea that it would be a good idea to protect our goods and keep American housing for the American people and not sovereign debt entities that would be in essence absentee landlords.




 So if it is so easy for you to make money online me Lord then, hook a brother up do something. Fudge, cheetoh hands, white man, smiles and/or cries. Dang church, preach, tabernacle. 

"I'm angry and disappointed in you right now. Tell God too because what I have to say goes double for him:"

Friday, May 17, 2019

28min #40

For the 40 days and 40 nights of Noah

Get wisdom! Get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of

my mouth.

For this blog post will be carried out to gain the stamina from tolerating tough times like when you got to wrestle with keeping on having faith IN GOD. Bless America when she sneezes or it’s on! Also, me Lord, can WE TRUST spyware definitions that can’t be updated? I’m just saying because: “ Virus and spyware definitions couldn’t be updated, but as Jesus said and it was written: 

 There was once an old lady who felt justice was being denied to her so with her best judgment she started to use tenacious efforts she started nagging the highest Supreme Court judge around until he could not tolerate the injustices brought before him and did something about it.

“ Did you know May is Pacific Asian Heritage month?”- #CBScares

Also dang writers block cannot bring this writing exercise to a pause because it is written by hovering thumbs over the home row between the f and g and the H and I touch screen letter characters that are on a smartphone that features and runs ALIEN RUN which is currently on level 450: aptly named: Interception. Interception is also a term used in the game football where an interception is when a member of the defending team catches a pass thrown by the quarterback to its intended receiver. When that happens in hindsight he should have called a run.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

28min #39

Go back to 28min #38 

Second back link out of 25

Color changing difficulties are back as it was before

 To prep for this writing exercise that lasts for 28 minutes I played word games:

Word Gamesmanship for a computerized game writer

Include previous written mentions to Alien Run but for this session the games were a word search, bible letter jumble word combo game, and the USA Today crossword puzzle for 3.5min 7min and 14min respectively. These are the words that were found and utilized:

  1. Webmaster 
  2. Sugar glider
  3. Hoe
  4. Home
  5. Come
  6. Echo 
  7. Hem
  8. Etch
  9. Hey
  10. Aaron
  11. Ages
  12. Helm
  13. Shames 
  14. Cult
  15. Lie
  16. Ear
So 24 and a half minutes of focused wordsmith effort produced a word every 91 seconds. The typing speed is faster for this 28min session probably because it is a free form way of putting letters together to make words that make sense and help build cognitive skills for this blog. To further develop all these words are going to be utilized in the paragraph below:

 As a webmaster Aaron would advice his cult like followers of all ages that hang to each searcher engine optimized word: Hey you should etch your your sketches with alt tags and captions to get the web bots that come to your site will mark you down as an authority figure like a captain at his helm not like some hoe that shames everyone at home because she doesn’t hesitate to speak a lie to any near by ear about the meaning of the word hem or how she uses a sugar glider to frost corn flakes. When you do stuff like this, the echo effect turns on and carries your message across the web in neat little 32 bit packets.

Well there it is see if you can spot each word. I challenge you also to make your most valiant efforts to use these 16 words to spin a yarn in the comments section. 

P.S. Here

28min #38

Ok so made sure the highlighter function is off

Also, this post is a 25 series recounting 28min #37

Ok, so as much link juice as can be passed down and that the search engines care to tolerate indexing the know-how:

 Writer's block be gone with you for some room has to to be cleared to get the distinction of  the italic description of the picture that is used as a lead-in picture to a survey that draws attention with two thousand words and/or more to get more text links 'rel=nofollow' attribute points to links, and go from there:


   The picture has QMCI blotted out with a text 1 censorship bar but it keeps going thru because of its media interconnectedness into big computer users such as NASDAQ, Microsoft, the Toronto Stock Exchange to bust thru to do data aggregation stuff. MSFT made Halo. Joggers have played Halo, you could say that when they are not jogging... 


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

28min #37

The timer is set, its a go. Go Reaganaughts!

So the highlight reel is this:

Dang annoyances. Especially when you're just trying to do the right thing and to write a wrong causing a malfunction in the word processing software. So much comes to mind but the best is to paint a picture with words so for whatever time is left here is "said" picture painting using italic words: Ready? Okay!

You are looking at a big picture!! Cryptocurrency!!! Cryptocurrency! You see purple, green, red, blue, green. Candlesticks and redacted quotes that are worth two thousand words or more because of all the aggregate links that twenty plus years of data collection, curation and distribution have made. You see what could be the beginning of a hashtag and/or a number sign &/or a tic-tac-toe board. And also a keystone in a brick and mortar block chained halo thing is there. Along with payments and prayers along with alt tags and media descriptions. You can see 58,008 and volume fluctuations. Lock and a key to go along with the keystone in the arch. Red and blue hairs in front of the green and the website "". The numbers (4),(5),(30),(52),(58008). Halos and bottles and potential energy thru the use of backlinks. Questions like what can I get under the Christmas tree? Why am I not playing computer games or games on my smartphone? If I get 25 social bookmarking backlinks over the course of three days and it gets me five visitors haw much value does each of those back-links contribute with $ 7.00-lifetime membership that will get you 25 back-links as long as the site is up and running?  Also, there is a calculator that...  

Friday, May 10, 2019

28min #36

Cool, I made the room I needed.
Now I can direct you to the
28min Questionnaire!

Product Updates

If you need training videos or help, do not hesitate to have a look at our knowledge base here. GIFs that will make you laugh


To build up to this post I did a 3.5min, 7min and 14min typing QWERTY session before getting to this post and bout up there I just thought I'd put the transcribing skills that I put time into developing at so I put the text to the snippet picture that is designated for this the thirty-sixth writing exercise in the year 2,019 after the Lord Jesus Christ. Also I needed to make room so that the ad to the right was preventing me from adding to the caption of 28min #36 and now that that is out of the way by the words that have filled out the space think I did it but just to be sure I and time of this creative writing session I can add a caption... Oops... No I can't I'm not far enough the page where this ad is in the way:

I would like to acknowledge that doctors like MD's and
surgeons had to go to school for a lot. To deliver babies via
 C-section if necessary. Please let your doctor check this
Questionnaire: Note your mom or loved one can too!!!


I think I did it. Just to be sure I'll transcribe what this message conveys: 
New ED discovery leaves doctors amazed(Try it tonight)

Hey Skylly_W thanks for directing me to that post it provided the motivation and material to warm up for this post while social bookmarking the 28min public-opinion poll because its kind of hard to speak about it at another social bookmarking place like the library or the social monkey sites at times because of they get monkey wrenches thrown into the works and then articles have to get reloaded and re-written.

Get wisdom! Get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them.

More transcribing to pass the time:

Comment your views and opinions on computerized games!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

28min #34

Add opinions.

Get a load of Proverbs Ch.4 Vrs.5

So at the end of a timer goes off there is a questionnaire waiting for you to see what cognitive choices you make. The description in the underpart diction of this typing exercise for 28minutes for the thirty-fourth time. No ven diagrams were done to lead you to this prep for this and are getting a short-hand treatment to lead to the poll. Ok so to go to the questionnaire it will not take28min to read.

I'm feeling a feeling...

Screw writers' block!

"F" 'n writer's block you know sometimes it's a tough sell to get thru it but if keep typing it works itself out. Here's a link to that questionnaire that I told you about. I told you...Didn't I tell you: So there is a comments section underneath if you the reader would like to comment on your views and opinions; do it.

So also the word undercut in sales terms means to: Offer a lower price to thrifty shoppers. Also to undercut a piece of bread from the top can produce a proper sandwich. Just some bread for the head for joggers that need the carbs or marathoners that run ou to complete over 20 miles...Usa este enlace para completar un questenario que te pudiera hacer dinero y explicar que significa el tema de "Pagar y rezar." DataKey1 is about the translation so: How about that drink? Have you called your mom? Walked the dog? Hydrated properly? Click on one of the links filled out the questionnaire and come back to read the rest of this writing exercise? What do you think about binary decisions? Have anything to add? WHeard of the game ALIEN RUN? There are 8 new levels on ALIEN RUN! THERE ARE 8 NEW LEVELS ON ALIEN RUN!!! YOU ARE NOT LOOKING AT THE BIG PIC!! Also, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SPORTS? THis exercise...

Comment below on the questionnaire?

Sunday, May 5, 2019


  .:*:.May 2 2,018 ad.:*:. Kindly be sensitive and responsive to QMCI. The market
   is an emotional place that responds according to the kind of perceptive and
   patient investors
 that buy and sell there. That is an adage called pay and pray and
  depending on whether you see the glass as half empty or half full that strategy
  of allocating capital is either proactive or inactive. So be empathetic & sympathetic


For your consideration please be generous enough to
add to the cognitive comprehension of the type of reader that this type of blog attracts.  The questions that will be asked are being done so with the full appreciation of the belief statements that the answers in the form of links that you choose will take you to other websites. Feel able, adept and encouraged to use these links to further explore and read on. To add to the whimsy of life some of the questions might seem offbeat or seem to be probing into your forgiving and tolerant preferences. So proceed using your discerning nature:






Comment below what you thought about this census (application)!

Friday, May 3, 2019

28min #33

Writing for the 28 minutes

So lagged for a bit between a 17min session. A 7-minute sesh, and 3 and a half minutes of intense focus after setting of an IOS timer to get ready for this creative writing exercise that utilizes words found in a dictionary that also includes the words: Ton. Darn. Toy. Cot. Riot. Arc."Rat". Rain, yard. Dirt. and so many other words.  The timer is also is set in this the thirty-third session that makes room for ads by typing also combining words to make sense. Here is a go: A ton of dirt grew the raw materials that enable plants to produce oil that makes plastic. Plastic is used as riot gear material, toy textiles fertilizer for dirt. The stock that is used in a ton of products that are shipped in containers across the 7 seas thru wind and rain and the gets to its appropriate shipping dock. Darn it! relax lay on a cot!!! Do a 180 like an arc. And pet your cat for he keeps a rat from bringing itself around all of y 'all!!!   So don't you worry about level 280 in the electronic game ALIEN RUN, I've cleared it with my turn and have seen levels called: Gravity Cave, Mercenary, level 409, level 408, level 407 and last but not least level 406.

Why is lag?

 You can play. Yu, tell them about the Blockchain Game. Also, start a grassroots campaign for free bitcoin Ms. Ho Kim. Gosh! DARN!!! Look at the big picture!!

 Also job numbers "say"...

Comment below your comments on dumbbells! 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

28min #32

Route answer:

Ok, so I got to go

 Miss Ho, I got to go! Miss Ho, I got to go!!! Ms. Ho, I GOT TO go!!!  Miss Ho, you're not looking at the big picture!!!

God damn boy!

Ok, so that is not an egg on face. Protein bro... Bro boil bananas blockchain tech utilizes to decide to advertise and telemarketer says "WHAT Are you saying man?"hello" "hello" beep queue another call... The lord also spoke to Moses about the menstral pertaining to a woman whose detoxification of bodily impurity warrants details of drastic proportions. Like when someone does 33 days worth of bleeding, now for some rhythmic typing...

Onto typing fast with the beat maybe get some triplets in there and some dumbbells. Woo! dance fingers and say something uses interpretive dance as a source reference to type fast with the beat and dance while doing creative writing.

Now that the song ended onto those dumbells...

Had to move the phone and didn't want to break the QWERTY to correct a telematic situation of scam likely identification of the caller I.D. Back to the dumbells:

The tumblers make typing by holding humble mumbles


Comment below about good sense!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

28min #31

31. If a picture is worth a thousand words I can get 2
paintings done with the writing material in this file &
 still have some left over scrap to add to the pile. I
could probably paint an old television with bunny
ear speakers and bee style antennae surrounded by flowers developing in the sun shine while a full moon is off milky as cereal. Also I stopped pumping the dumb bells for 7 minutes to get rid of the writer’s block affecting me in writing other works. The way I feel now: I’m gonna be pumping that iron for at least another 40 minutes or so. I’m pumped and ready to flick the bic knee the rubber, and go to the learnatorium a.k.a the library, and then get smokes, drink and food.

7 min +7min=14min

Impressive, that's impressive
Could it have been pretty? 
A spider spins drops and weaves its web. Web bots read terms and
phrases that have been spun various times. The keyword for an
organic spider is food. A spider bot can index the keyword food.
Also, an organic spider can break the web it synthesizes, whilst a
spider bot can synthesize results for subject matter that lends itself
well to organic SEO. So go view a web. 

What can be abstracted from the number nine?
Remember the Titans and that the timer is running on this creative writing exercise that may repeat some ads thru references to previous links that are used by some indexing software somewhere,. The internet interacts with the CPU and the RAM is doing something to etch and sketch this feature of references to 28min #29 and beyond. Interesting things about webs is that spiders traverse the web, worldwide as bots or living organisms. To paint a picture with words please look to the right. 


28min #30

Hey you. Don't think that you wouldn't be able to make your appearance even
though it is not 28min #29. Look at the big picture. Let me worry:  

Writing for the 30th time for 28min

 Hey you. how have you been? What does your girlfriend Yu have going on in about thirty minutes? How's your mother?  What it do? What is the function of a verb? Comment below!


Let me worry about the comments below!!

 So godspeed little doodle I'm going to draw inspiration. To be able to fill the space until the end of the bottom frontier (fontier) of the pic that is below. While you're at it the links on this blog post in this particular spot that a blogger uses to fill in words with able-bodied words that go on on to make references to hot Asian Angelina's and games that pay off using bitcoin to all y 'all that would care to read on these words.

Drawing inspiration...

Hey you. Unlike other 28min sessions, this one only used a
3.5min session to warm up for the o the right main feature.
To the right you will find bonus material that was used to