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#Strategery #Machining

So writers write about what they know. I know I've been watching Person of Interest , reacting, and I need writing material to blog about. So I think I'm going to do reaction blogs to PoI . Since I'm close to this becoming a binge-watching creative writing exercise. S2: E14 " One Percent "  ... "Oh, shit he got socked". Some part of Russia during 2,009 after the LORD Jesus Christ (Superstar)... 2,013 A.D. ... South Court B-ball all day it gets real... Ferraris up for grabs... You guys remember that part during the feature film where Leo DiCaprio wouldn't sell the cheapest piece to Russell Crowe if it didn't shoot straight and then Gene Hackman picked up the tab for $5.00  S2: E15 " Booked Solid " At the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn: Prospective employers look to acquire a staff that attracts and retains guests. Clean bed sheets, vacuuming, pool upkeep, and little things besides the local play a role to run an Inn