28min #32

Route answer:

Ok, so I got to go

 Miss Ho, I got to go! Miss Ho, I got to go!!! Ms. Ho, I GOT TO go!!!  Miss Ho, you're not looking at the big picture!!!

God damn boy!

Ok, so that is not an egg on face. Protein bro... Bro boil bananas blockchain tech utilizes to decide to advertise and telemarketer says "WHAT Are you saying man?"hello" "hello" beep queue another call... The lord also spoke to Moses about the menstral pertaining to a woman whose detoxification of bodily impurity warrants details of drastic proportions. Like when someone does 33 days worth of bleeding, now for some rhythmic typing...

Onto typing fast with the beat maybe get some triplets in there and some dumbbells. Woo! dance fingers and say something uses interpretive dance as a source reference to type fast with the beat and dance while doing creative writing.

Now that the song ended onto those dumbells...

Had to move the phone and didn't want to break the QWERTY to correct a telematic situation of scam likely identification of the caller I.D. Back to the dumbells:

The tumblers make typing by holding humble mumbles https://startmakingspaceforads.blogspot.com/2019/04/28min-29.html


Comment below about good sense!