28min #36

Cool, I made the room I needed.
Now I can direct you to the
28min Questionnaire!

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To build up to this post I did a 3.5min, 7min and 14min typing QWERTY session before getting to this post and bout up there I just thought I'd put the transcribing skills that I put time into developing at www.typing.com so I put the text to the snippet picture that is designated for this the thirty-sixth writing exercise in the year 2,019 after the Lord Jesus Christ. Also I needed to make room so that the ad to the right was preventing me from adding to the caption of 28min #36 and now that that is out of the way by the words that have filled out the space think I did it but just to be sure I and time of this creative writing session I can add a caption... Oops... No I can't I'm not far enough the page where this ad is in the way:

I would like to acknowledge that doctors like MD's and
surgeons had to go to school for a lot. To deliver babies via
 C-section if necessary. Please let your doctor check this
Questionnaire: Note your mom or loved one can too!!!


I think I did it. Just to be sure I'll transcribe what this message conveys: 
New ED discovery leaves doctors amazed(Try it tonight) search.hdownloadmyhelperbox.com

Hey Skylly_W thanks for directing me to that post it provided the motivation and material to warm up for this post while social bookmarking the 28min public-opinion poll because its kind of hard to speak about it at another social bookmarking place like the library or the social monkey sites at times because of they get monkey wrenches thrown into the works and then articles have to get reloaded and re-written.

Get wisdom! Get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them.

More transcribing to pass the time:

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