28min #33

Writing for the 28 minutes

So lagged for a bit between a 17min session. A 7-minute sesh, and 3 and a half minutes of intense focus after setting of an IOS timer to get ready for this creative writing exercise that utilizes words found in a dictionary that also includes the words: Ton. Darn. Toy. Cot. Riot. Arc."Rat". Rain, yard. Dirt. and so many other words.  The timer is also is set in this the thirty-third session that makes room for ads by typing also combining words to make sense. Here is a go: A ton of dirt grew the raw materials that enable plants to produce oil that makes plastic. Plastic is used as riot gear material, toy textiles fertilizer for dirt. The stock that is used in a ton of products that are shipped in containers across the 7 seas thru wind and rain and the gets to its appropriate shipping dock. Darn it! relax lay on a cot!!! Do a 180 like an arc. And pet your cat for he keeps a rat from bringing itself around all of y 'all!!!   So don't you worry about level 280 in the electronic game ALIEN RUN, I've cleared it with my turn and have seen levels called: Gravity Cave, Mercenary, level 409, level 408, level 407 and last but not least level 406.

Why is lag?

 You can play. Yu, tell them about the Blockchain Game. Also, start a grassroots campaign for free bitcoin Ms. Ho Kim. Gosh! DARN!!! Look at the big picture!!

 Also job numbers "say"...

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