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 To prep for this writing exercise that lasts for 28 minutes I played word games:

Word Gamesmanship for a computerized game writer

Include previous written mentions to Alien Run but for this session the games were a word search, bible letter jumble word combo game, and the USA Today crossword puzzle for 3.5min 7min and 14min respectively. These are the words that were found and utilized:

  1. Webmaster 
  2. Sugar glider
  3. Hoe
  4. Home
  5. Come
  6. Echo 
  7. Hem
  8. Etch
  9. Hey
  10. Aaron
  11. Ages
  12. Helm
  13. Shames 
  14. Cult
  15. Lie
  16. Ear
So 24 and a half minutes of focused wordsmith effort produced a word every 91 seconds. The typing speed is faster for this 28min session probably because it is a free form way of putting letters together to make words that make sense and help build cognitive skills for this blog. To further develop all these words are going to be utilized in the paragraph below:

 As a webmaster Aaron would advice his cult like followers of all ages that hang to each searcher engine optimized word: Hey you should etch your your sketches with alt tags and captions to get the web bots that come to your site will mark you down as an authority figure like a captain at his helm not like some hoe that shames everyone at home because she doesn’t hesitate to speak a lie to any near by ear about the meaning of the word hem or how she uses a sugar glider to frost corn flakes. When you do stuff like this, the echo effect turns on and carries your message across the web in neat little 32 bit packets.

Well there it is see if you can spot each word. I challenge you also to make your most valiant efforts to use these 16 words to spin a yarn in the comments section. 

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