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@YHWH @jesus @AbiRatchford #Abba #Hijo #TheHolySpirit $QMCI this is the Trinity 4 me

The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is the divine Trinity and will be the topic of tonights QWERTY typing skill demonstration. Abba (The Father) YHWH= Yahweh JHWH= Jehovah  Almighty God in the classic Jewish tradition is referred to as the LORD Tetragrammaton throughout this blog because while seeking the LORD and calling on his name thru the internet and phone lines I found out that was how the Moses characterized the deity who knows who I AM everywhere, DataToken1 inspired by YHWH during 10 7 minute writing drills Hijo (The Son) Jesus= Christ Judeo -Christian Born during 0 B.C.- A.D. technically though he claims he has always been being the founder of Christianity who was joined in ministry by his Hebrew mother, The Virgin Mary, in the worship of Almighty God @YHWH during the reign of Ceaser Augustus eventually inspired via the Holy Spirit @AbiRatchford to be a follower of @jesus on Twitter. The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit in Artwork, Chess a

Animals Videos

 My first YouTube video. I joined YouTube in June of 2,015 a.d. and it took me 7 years to make my first video. This was a mistake because I lost, broke or just plain wore out several phones since then.  (Think of all the lost content.) Anyways, here are some of the animal videos I had on my iPhone which I edited on my laptop and then uploaded to YouTube to make a video about a minute in length.  It contains a digital shark, a bug on a trash can, 2 chihuahuas playing, and a short documentary about a dog roaming its native plain.   To view more of my videos,  subscribe, like and share my YouTube channel  or  follow, share and like me on TikTok .  To read more of my creative writing exercises  follow me on Twitter  or keep reading this blog. To make money using social media  click here .