28min #41

WTF God you have all that time to fuck the virgin mary but you can't just take a sec to sign off on the check or something set an auto pay on your atm and/or something Almighty. Jerk. It is written in the text do something for faith runs thin "F" err. Dang. You are technically supposed to be righteous for your own reputation. or else what is the point in having the greenback say: "IN GOD WE TRUST". I apologize for nothing redacted y 'all. Lord messed up not cool. Get wisdom! Get understanding; forget not my words or turn away from them. Ey? 



Maiden Lane LLC

All the hoopla about your loving nature in the Bible and ability to keep a deal knowingly and for some reason you make some tolerate stuff that wasn't even their fault. Do something. Take out insurance money on the electricity of the sidebar for justice sake and/or something. It is the Asian Pacific heritage month and backlinks to the previous post. All that time... It's not fair and it shouldn't be you but you are acting like a total butt wipe. You have the power and the technology to fix it so here and/or read this prayer and/or pay close attention to these words for it is written that you care about your rep at least for your own self-confidence and loving nature.  

 I mean you did float and or hover over the waters. Then set your affairs in order to love one or more folks. Then when everybody started loosing they houses because of the general failure of the ability of people to handle adjustable rate mortgages made Maiden Lane an entity for a while and put Fannie and Freddie into conservatorship status.   

 Then Ben Shalom Bernake came along and pitched the idea that it would be a good idea to protect our goods and keep American housing for the American people and not sovereign debt entities that would be in essence absentee landlords.




 So if it is so easy for you to make money online me Lord then, hook a brother up do something. Fudge, cheetoh hands, white man, smiles and/or cries. Dang church, preach, tabernacle. 

"I'm angry and disappointed in you right now. Tell God too because what I have to say goes double for him:"