28min #48

Hopefully, the search engines will love 28min #48 so much that it will insist that the French news show 28 MINUTES will request a text link that is a cutaway to a slogan consultation. And/or something else that will bear fruit to web bots that will give a good referral to the SEO index files.

Penguin was a Google study of actual Penguins & then a project.

Also, there is a Futurama where a robot actually loves a penguin and lives among them. That robots name is Bender Rodriguez. You're going to like that guy he's a Godfella. According to Hulu the name of that episode is  The Birbot of Ice-Catraz. @lipjfry might like this on Twitter I don't know. I also am wondering if @Skylly_w is a Futurama enthusiast too. Now I want to know if since penguins are a type of bird and they squawk if that could be a form of twittering. At least the chick when their like barf into my food mon and/or dad! Tweet. tweet, tweet! #RETWEET & like.
This is an example of  a picture of penguins that was uploaded via 
 a computer that has .bat files in it. If you want to see penguins 
live, best advice is to GOTO the zoo. And/or if you want to learn 
more about the Penguin project that follows the specs of Google to 
integrate organic SEO: Seek and ye shall find.