28min #31

31. If a picture is worth a thousand words I can get 2
paintings done with the writing material in this file &
 still have some left over scrap to add to the pile. I
could probably paint an old television with bunny
ear speakers and bee style antennae surrounded by flowers developing in the sun shine while a full moon is off milky as cereal. Also I stopped pumping the dumb bells for 7 minutes to get rid of the writer’s block affecting me in writing other works. The way I feel now: I’m gonna be pumping that iron for at least another 40 minutes or so. I’m pumped and ready to flick the bic knee the rubber, and go to the learnatorium a.k.a the library, and then get smokes, drink and food.

7 min +7min=14min

Impressive, that's impressive
Could it have been pretty? 
A spider spins drops and weaves its web. Web bots read terms and
phrases that have been spun various times. The keyword for an
organic spider is food. A spider bot can index the keyword food.
Also, an organic spider can break the web it synthesizes, whilst a
spider bot can synthesize results for subject matter that lends itself
well to organic SEO. So go view a web. 

What can be abstracted from the number nine?
Remember the Titans and that the timer is running on this creative writing exercise that may repeat some ads thru references to previous links that are used by some indexing software somewhere,. The internet interacts with the CPU and the RAM is doing something to etch and sketch this feature of references to 28min #29 and beyond. Interesting things about webs is that spiders traverse the web, worldwide as bots or living organisms. To paint a picture with words please look to the right. 

    I added a paragraph to the novel I’m working on. Making some head way in further developing character. I also feel like my mind muscle connection could use some toning so I’m going to pick up the weights. There that’s better. Press for the character you want displayed & the shoulder muscles.      

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