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1 Chronicles has a genealogy for humanity and Israel.


Philippians  is a letter written by Paul and Timothy that is included in the Holy Bible. Christ Jesus is mentioned throughout this letter because he is the means to good life according to Paul and Timothy. Paul and Timothy warn that you might go to prison or have to suffer on earth but would be rewarded in heaven. Thanks for reading this book report may the Holy Spirit be with you with all due reason.


This book in the Holy Bible is about kings of ancient Israel and Judah. Some kings were good in the eyes of the LORD like king Josiah while most were evil. King Josiah tragically was killed by Pharaoh Neville of Egypt even though he was good in the sight of the LORD. The book is enhanced by Chronicles 1 & 2.


Paul wrote another letter explaining why Jesus is the way to go.


This book in the Holy Bible is an account of how Israel went downhill after Solomon let other gods besides Jehovah be worshipped in Israel and Judah.


Paul writes the Galatians a large letter explaining why they shouldn’t be led astray from following Jesus. Paul also says you shouldn’t get circumcised and should live by grace and not under the law.


Samuel prophet of the LORD doesn’t appear in this book. King David is the protagonists even though he did evil things in the sight of the LORD of Hosts the God of Israel.


Paul wrote a letter to Corinthians that said the love and peace of God be with you. He wanted them to stay faithful.


In this book of the Holy Bible the Jewish people ask the prophet Samuel to ask God for a king to lead them like all the other nations and to do away with the Judges. Later on Samuel picks King Saul after talking to the LORD which ultimately makes bad decisions and dies by falling on his sword after a disastrous war for his family and all of ancient Israel.