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Paul wrote a letter to a church in which he spoke of Jesus and urged the recipient to imitate Christ.


This book of the Bible is about a widow named Naomi who with the help of her widowed daughter in law Ruth was able to live longer. The LORD liked Ruth for her kindness and blessed her with another husband named Boaz after she worked on his fields.


In the Holy Bible there is a book called Romans. It was written to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The book advocates  good judgment  and a rejection of evil.


I just finished reading JUDGES in the Holy Bible and I realized that the LORD wants attention of people who once knew him intimately then cheated on him. God loves Israel and I pray for peace in Jerusalem.

ACTS May 14, 2020

I just finished reading ACTS in The Holy Bible. ACTS was about the lives of the followers of Jesus the Nazarene after Jesus was crucified.

San Juan Texas

I’m currently sitting thru a live broadcast of a San Juan Texas Catholic Church on May 10 2,020 A.D.  Hosanna.  I’ll probably read the Holy Bible later.

Make Money Online

Forbes Magazine advices to make a money making blog. It wasn’t the only advise I read about but it was the most applicable by me. Praise be to the LORD .