28min #42

So get this straight that this being 28min #42 on Twitter it was written that 28min #42 was in the works. Maybe after this is done more ‘DataKey1’ re$earch text that can be linked and processed by Twitter after deleting all characters except the ones necessary to relay the link to this blog post. Twitter also has a DataKey1 except this one was set up somewhere maybe a sandbox way back in 2012  IN ether that tweet frequented with 140 characters max allowed now 240 characters are allowed to show GOD WE TRUST internet protocols that compute statistics for things like the resurrection of DataKey1 firewall stuff and blogging. This are soft references but there are breadcrumbs for previous blog posts and/or other affiliate links: 

Thoughts that happened before the 28min Questionnaire

 Twitter stuff about the Blockchain Game Alien Run

Feel free to comment and/or share below your views and opinions in restarting something after seven years and use the hash tag #DataKey1