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28min #4

Have you eve seen the movie ENTER THE DRAGON  FEATURING BRUCE LEE? Heard of a guy screaming that writing and reading sucks! compared to free speech and that 12 years is too much IN an age of   Grammarly and autocorrect? For gosh sakes GOD there's voice recognition WE can use on a laptop mouse pad fitted with a screen, that fits within a pocket and automatic TRUST features out of the box... So to prepare for this post for Y'all I tried to check my anger at the door and spread good cheer : Also, I did these timed writing drills to prep: Did a dual post on Google +; 1 from an iPhone and the other using a computer that utilizes the Microsoft Windows Operating System...#3.5min...  Did a picture for a #7min entitle 7min PICTURE #8 DataToken1  before I added another notch onto my binarybiblestudy.txt belt: That picture is the one immediately above: Lastly, I did a 14min session on and prepared this list of cryptocurrency faucets:

28min #3

So today to prepared for this post I did another build-up of creative writing juices by doing timed writing drills for 3.5min, 7min and 14 min sessions of QWERTY-based exercises: For the 3.5min writing exercise, I worked on the title of an untitled workpiece in the digital backpack I got for using online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  The 7min entry for the day was put into a bible study folder offshoot. The quota for my 14min prep was once again logged by   If you would like to mine bitcoin I hear that CPU mining is now better left undone and resources should be shifted to mining the cryptographic currencies Dogecoin and Litecoin. If you would like a free wallet with 6 potential revenue streams head over to via this affiliate link: Thank you.

28min #2

        I warmed up for this thru out the day by doing a 3.5min, 7min, and 14min(respectively)  The 3.5min was made on an email looking into the real estate market in the British Isles. It was written with an accent' The 7 min was a recap of honk if you love cookie events and mementos... The 14min was a session over at This is a picture from last year as a carryover from the last session so is this referral to    It's a bitcoin faucet up there^ & much more .:*:. Seriously, folks, Y'all can get a 4.08% annual interest rate that is compounded daily and part of whoever you refer whois on the web and internet.   

28min #1

     Just burning the midnight oil. Were you the reader of this blog post doing so as well last night and saying #HappyNewYear. How about complete all the tasks the make up your new resolutions for the year? Get any of those done? Well, what about any of last years goals?  Earlier today in preparation to avoid pitfalls such as writers' block I prepared by incrementally warming up my creative writing muscles by doing a 3.5min, 7min, & 14min series before this blog post.   Hopefully, I won't run out of creative juices before your attention span runs out.   If you could add anything to the green  screen above... What would it be?  Take your time...  No pressure:  Drop and give me 20!  Water break!  Where you born via a natural vaginal birth? C-section? Or test tube?  If you were a natural birth odds are your mama's water broke a while ago.  Do you want to get free bitcoin and build interest at a 4.08% annual rate that is comp