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    In the universe there are places where galaxies store gravitational pull. There are sectors of heaven where thru intense pressure nebulas give birth to stars from dust which eventually which become black holes that sucks in anything that gets to close. There are planets like earth where comets whiz by. You know what that means, right?    There is plenty of space for you and I.


Image Ads    Water it's in high demand! Word of mouth is spreading the benefits of good old H2O. Talk around the water cooler has it that school children drink it from a fountain on a wall. Deer drink from a stream where fish lay there eggs. These eggs hatch baby fish who swim downstream into a river past a hydrating bear in order to make it to the seas to live out their lives in salty water along great whales. Yes folks water breeds an abundant amount of living creatures that bring forth more of their kind. Thirsty? Ads