Tuesday, May 21, 2019

28min #43

Well, add something to Google +
the soup
your blog via direct follow
no follow links as well as reading w/ motherly love.

Where you going?

Want to bet?

Where to next?

Maybe I can use up 240 chars faster than I did @twitterverse but whatever this is labeled and/or hash tagged as a creative writing exercise that LAUSD moms can read to their kid while it suckles at the tit of mother dearest. Also, feel able to comment &/or translate &/or divvy up this blog that recognizes Pacific Asian heritage month after the Lord’s son Jesus was born 2019 years in. You can do it.

So... do it.

Write IN the comments section your views and/thoughts as if 

it were a time to pay and pray to GOD so WE can 

can all TRUST each other with our joint social security via checks and/or balances. Do it for the babies and/or the fun of it. And/or for the link juice that working towards live and/or love and/or game and/or get some monkey off your back and/from throwing a wrench into the works.


P.s use the hashtag #DataKey1

P.p.s What you doing?


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