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Paul wrote a letter to Timothy telling him not to let others with “knowledge” lead him astray from the faith.


Nehemiah was the cup bearer to king Artaxerxes of Babylon. Nehemiah asked the king for permission to go to his people in Jerusalem and help with the city. The king said yes because Nehemiah was sad. Once there Nehemiah managed to organize all the people so they could rebuild the wall around the city. In the end Nehemiah wants to be remembered for the good he did towards the LORD.


Paul greets his brothers in faith then writes about Jesus coming back.He closes by wishing for peace.


Ezra was a descendant of Aaron. And his book starts off with King Cyrus of Persia setting the Israelites free so they could go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the house of the LORD. Eventually some of the Israelites upon arrival begin to intermarry with native women again.


This book in the Holy Bible reads like a letter written by the apostle Paul to some Macedonians telling them to keep the faith in God and to follow the Lord Jesus.


2 Chronicles is about all the kings of Israel and Judah after King David. It showed how those who seek the Lord enjoy peace and prosperity while those who do evil and abandon him are abandoned in return.


 Colossians is a book in the Holy Bible that reminds the reader that there is a master in heaven and to pray.