28min #30

Hey you. Don't think that you wouldn't be able to make your appearance even
though it is not 28min #29. Look at the big picture. Let me worry:  

Writing for the 30th time for 28min

 Hey you. how have you been? What does your girlfriend Yu have going on in about thirty minutes? How's your mother?  What it do? What is the function of a verb? Comment below!


Let me worry about the comments below!!

 So godspeed little doodle I'm going to draw inspiration. To be able to fill the space until the end of the bottom frontier (fontier) of the pic that is below. While you're at it the links on this blog post in this particular spot that a blogger uses to fill in words with able-bodied words that go on on to make references to hot Asian Angelina's and games that pay off using bitcoin to all y 'all that would care to read on these words.

Drawing inspiration...

Hey you. Unlike other 28min sessions, this one only used a
3.5min session to warm up for the o the right main feature.
To the right you will find bonus material that was used to