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At the casino but you don’t gamble:

 This blog post is designed for someone who is at a casino but doesn’t like to gamble. It’s cool. Currently I’m going thru the same ordeal so I can relate: Here is a picture to verify that I’m not blowing smoke even though the air is thick with the smell of nicotine and heavily saturated with sounds of bells ringing and button tapping:
Part of the gaming industry.

So just in case you don’t like to pay to play then have to pray that you break even, then you might want to try some of these activities to pass the time:

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Use your smartphone 
I know this one seem like a no brainer but here is something new you could do with it. Say you are waiting for your mom to finish playing and you get bored and want to have a little fun and earn some money too while you’re watching your ma play slots you can use this link: When you use this link you can download bitcoin game apps that pay real currency at no risk all you have to do is pay attention and pass a few levels to earn some tokens that can be changed into real money. 

Okay, you’re saying I’m a wet blanket and a sour puss so I don’t play computer games. Well then use your smartphone to check your email. Blog. Get back to that client you haven’t called in a while or check your favorite social media and share this info with others that are in our shoes right now whilst also helping build strong backlinks so that others can find their way here later on via their favorite search engine.

This activity is easier said than done because gamblers are a special type of gamer that is intensely focused on the game at hand. But it does work and sometimes it is quite fun while at other times you don’t even recognize your existence. It’s a real crapshoot.


You might as well because the eye in the sky does and who knows you might even find that special someone you can spit game to and get lucky with.