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28min #11

  Well, a couple of 28min sessions ago I was on level 280 in the game  ALIEN RUN  and today after being stuck on level 315 for several days I pushed the little x button on the top right hand corner to be able to get back to the main menu to get you this link:  so that you can be presented to download and play games on your Android or Apple based smartphone and get paid bitcoin via a Coinbase crypto wallet. Then I was relegated back to level 311.      In addition to ALIEN RUN (platform video game) you can also download other games that pay out BTC such as: BITCOIN ALIENS (Rough up aliens with a tap of you finger) FREE BITCOIN (A lottery which pays out... You guessed it bitcoin) BLOCKCHAIN ( A stack of blocks that are chained upward) And more. Also today Quote Media inc (QMCI) posted an 18% increase profit over the previous year. Keep it up QMCI show them how to pay and pray. #Godspeed      Have fun. Drink a lot of wat

28min #10

Think πŸ€” Ever heard of a productivity term that facilitates the completion of a task called the fun factor? When you get home do you think? Who gives you a hug? How is the weather over there? What was the last thing you ate that came from the produce section? Where do we go from here? Are you ready to throw in the towel & hit the 🚿? Do you feel like cooking yourself a good home cooked meal? Want to have a little fun while and get paid bitcoin? Sound familiar and/or fair? Well get a hold of the games via this link: Would you agree that a gambler would like this because it part of gaming? Does this blog post read like a questioning system? Are you farmiliar with the 12 labors of the legendary Greek hero Hercules? Ok that’s enough with the questions. For the rest of this paper is going to run on... ALIEN πŸƒ‍♀️  πŸ‘½ So as I begin to get the dreaded writers block I’m reminded that if I was writing on a computer

28min #9

Bro I just took a shortcut: To elaborate: 3.5min & 7min writing session was done since the last post but for the 14min session video games were played. Cake was eaten with coffee, and audiobooks filled the room. Post script: 28min #8 blogger post referred to  BITCOIN ALIENS  as a platform based scrolling game. This was a typographical error. πŸ™€ The platform game that I was referring you to was suppose to read:  ALIEN RUN  πŸ€˜Since these type of blog posts are written and edited in real time sometimes things slip by the proper grammar channels. Hey don’t get me wrong  BITCOIN ALIENS πŸ‘Ύ  still pays out BTC as does  ALIEN RUN πŸƒ‍♀️  it just goes about it in a more aggressive way. Basically you tap on aliens like a punching bag that owes you money πŸ’°... Sound fair? If so use this link to sign up for both:  and if not the up yours! P.p.s: How’s your momma? Have you called her today? Gotten a work out πŸ‹️‍♀️ in today? Got any pl

28min #8

    There I wrote something : Here I wrote something again. And as a throwback to keyword stuffing: Something, something, something, something, something , something, something, something, something, something, something, something, what something about? Now I’m going to write something about  BITCOIN πŸ‘Ύ  The game is a platform auto scroll game that pays BTC to Coinbase wallets. You can get referred by following this link: Then tell your friends and family. Coworker and priest. Chicken and egg salad sandwich. Well tell the deli guy and the drive thru window operator. The Mayor and News Media. Local and National. Quote Media Inc and the Treasury dept. Whoever you know some spiels and gameplay action experiences that happened to you in order to get them to try  BITCOIN ALIENS! There I wrote something again.

28min #7

     If you didn't read yesterday's 28min blog post, let me recap it for you. I did a bunch of prep work in order to be able to fulfill my obligations of writing something. First I wrote, played games on my phone such as  ALIEN RUN  and exercised for 3.5 minutes, 7 minutes and 14 minutes. Then before writing, I did another session of exercise for 28 minutes but by that time I had gone thru all the games  I would play for that day on my phone at least once, so I did a 28-minute session of mindful meditation to get my head ready to write and wouldn't you know it I still developed an acute case of writer's block.     So as to not deliver a blank page and call it a paper I utilized a technique I have found useful when presented with these types of  literary roadblocks: I simply kept my fingertips on the QWERTY-based on my laptop & simply let the article type itself out.       This technique of 'putting pen to paper' (in other words) and letting a piece

28min #6

     I don't know what to say: "Did prep work for this blog post by writing with pen and paper for 3.5 minutes. Then did a 7 minute written review of my life to get the old diction faculties going. Then after that feat of literary gymnastics was done I headed over to  for a 14 minute QWERTY based lesson on typing out jokes and getting thru writing a paragraph with a mandatory 90% accuracy rate to be able to advance to the next round. And even though I did all this in preparation for this event I still developed an acute case of the dreaded ' WRITER'S BLOCK '." Coincidence?  I think not. So I guess from here on out I'm just going to rant about whatever pops into my head until the timer on my phone goes off and brings this 28-minute writing session to an abrupt end. Sound fair? Well let's get started, then: What comes to mind when you see this picture: Does it make you want to dance? How about heading over to one

28min #5

All that jazz!!   ✍️  “Oh that hard link, back there was about a bitcoin game named ALIEN RUN > It’s a platform, left to right auto scrolling game... And it’s tons of fun, Y’all . Also while your at it keep QMCI in your prayers or say something graceful about once to some one and have them pay it forward. Ok... “ ...  “So how’s you mother? Call her she worries about you. Don’t know what to say? Easy peasy. Ask her questions about her! Such as: How was your _____? What you doing? Where do you want to go? When are you going to make dinner? Why don’t you read this blog post that has a little running alien that pays out in bitcoin? Just click the link that’s provided and/or paste the link into your web browser.” ... Here is said link: