28min #47


This is a spineless jellyfish:
Like Zoidberg: @lipfry you to Skully_W.
Your momma can like it too!

Ice cream makers on sale now!

High-quality makeup sponges!

Cute tea infusers!!

Request de perfumes set!!! The language of love mon Sherie. And that was the catalyst for making some room via word of mouth means of the early internet a.k.a link building.

You know what else is known as link building. It's called:


Well, well, well, draw the water. You can do it from the well or try to capture the sea like it was during the time this jellyfish was photographed so that it could be used as an example and cut in to some insights into the season 4 episode 9 of Futurama (Future Stock) who's today's message will be echoed on today here bellow which is:

"If you don't play it someone else will."

A.k.a “ Use it or lose it. "

Use this as a call to action to cure your bone-itis

Like keeping your fingers over the home row of a QWERTY keyboard to spur on ideas and thoughts to be jotted down like as if an LAUSD product was being hidden within a mathematics word problem to cure the societal woes that paying for a security in exchange for a valid reason to pray that all goes well with the new business you bought into. Unless thou art trying a pump and dump scheme.

To many of those preluded the great depression. Don't you know?

As for finger painting here is an example of finger painting whilst hydrating:

H2O paintwork was done while drinking water simultaneously.

The artwork to the right was done only when water was being drunk to really try. Several times I had to stop for a while and let the fluids assimilate.