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R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

#IN light of new events I have to start making space for ads if I’m going to get stuff done and if #GOD permits #WE can get to know each other better and build some levels of #TRUST. I have to say that I’m writing on auto pilot for the next few minutes but I’m gonna make the best of it by choosing my words carefully to breed success for my blog, my very lonely blog that beckons you to visit. I’m also very disturbed by the events of today for Kobe Bryant and his family and friends. I pray that YHWH guides the city of LA thru this ordeal with honor and grace because the city mourns at this horrendous helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 9 children of 9 different mothers. Tough break for all the Lakers fan base. Hopefully some good can come out of this tragedy so that the loss of the Black Mamba isn’t a total lost. My condolences to Vanessa Bryant now widow of the desisted basketball star who help bring five NBA title to the purple and gold. No doubt the sport will mourn over the

#Audiobook reports that talk about stuff LIKE The Law of the LORD (@YHWH)

Enclave Alien Run FUTURAMA GAME OF DRONES It is complemented on Twitter by  #audiobook reports  that DataToken1 has done after listening to unabridged audiobooks like The Holy Bible. September 20 2,019 YHWH January 5 2,020