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While we are being honest I really don't feel like writing this: I also did not feel like writing anything at school so it seems as if history is repeating itself. If you have any questions raise your hand or better yet follow this link and some of the answers provided might give clarity to the thoughts you might have commissioned a public opinion poll to clarify your decision of who to pray and/or pay for. It shouldn't take more than 28 minutes to complete.


Ever heard of the Federalist papers?

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While writing this I'm listening to an audiobook on the history of the United States. Whilst writing I head about the federalist papers of early American history which set off a cascade of cognitive neural synapsis that linked the factS of these by  Old Federalist papers that I kind of forgot who and/or why wrote them but I do remember that it was part of establishing a stable country. I sometimes remember these New Federalist papers to keep my finger on the pulse my homelands economic developments at least to be a good neighbor and to love the Lord of Hosts who blesses America:

Okay, I'm out of ideas and ways to squeeze all the link juice out of my brain. Dang, I'm tired of writing and just want to hit the weights. pump iron, break a sweat, take a walk and maybe call my mom back because I shouldn't go to bed angry and/or upset because of my economic condition. I feel kind of messed up for losing my temper towards the woman who is second only to the almighty for giving me, unconditional love. Unconditional yes but with some concessions that have to be adhered to and followed out to the best of my abilities but love none the less. So now that I told you my situation, you think you can give your mom a call? She worries and fed you via a tube connected to her own digestive system. 

Unless you are a test tube baby.

 I hope you find my transparency to your liking and would consider filling out this questionnaire.