28min #9

Bro I just took a shortcut:

To elaborate: 3.5min & 7min writing session was done since the last post but for the 14min session video games were played. Cake was eaten with coffee, and audiobooks filled the room.

Post script: 28min #8 blogger post referred to BITCOIN ALIENS as a platform based scrolling game. This was a typographical error. πŸ™€ The platform game that I was referring you to was suppose to read: ALIEN RUN πŸ€˜Since these type of blog posts are written and edited in real time sometimes things slip by the proper grammar channels. Hey don’t get me wrong BITCOIN ALIENS πŸ‘Ύ still pays out BTC as does ALIEN RUN πŸƒ‍♀️ it just goes about it in a more aggressive way. Basically you tap on aliens like a punching bag that owes you money πŸ’°... Sound fair? If so use this link to sign up for both: http://www.bitcoingameapps.com/track.php?ref=6721858 and if not the up yours!

P.p.s: How’s your momma? Have you called her today? Gotten a work out πŸ‹️‍♀️ in today? Got any plans for Saturday night? Entiendes Castellano? Looking to book a speaking arrangement in Spain? What do you want to eat? Any Questions?