28min #7

     If you didn't read yesterday's 28min blog post, let me recap it for you. I did a bunch of prep work in order to be able to fulfill my obligations of writing something. First I wrote, played games on my phone such as ALIEN RUN  and exercised for 3.5 minutes, 7 minutes and 14 minutes. Then before writing, I did another session of exercise for 28 minutes but by that time I had gone thru all the games  I would play for that day on my phone at least once, so I did a 28-minute session of mindful meditation to get my head ready to write and wouldn't you know it I still developed an acute case of writer's block.

    So as to not deliver a blank page and call it a paper I utilized a technique I have found useful when presented with these types of  literary roadblocks:

I simply kept my fingertips on the QWERTY-based on my laptop
& simply let the article type itself out.

      This technique of 'putting pen to paper' (in other words) and letting a piece write itself has proved to be beneficial in getting an essay, journal entry of whatever another feat of written work that has to be done, well... Done! This technique uses the concept of momentum.

Think of it this way:

      When you are driving a car on the freeway and there is no traffic your car gets better fuel mileage than if you were driving on the street and had to stop for traffic lights or crossing guards or what have you. It's like this with writing...