Friday, January 25, 2019

28min #4

Have you eve seen the movie ENTER THE DRAGON FEATURING BRUCE LEE? Heard of a guy screaming that writing and reading sucks! compared to free speech and that 12 years is too much IN an age of Grammarly and autocorrect? For gosh sakes GOD there's voice recognition WE can use on a laptop mouse pad fitted with a screen, that fits within a pocket and automatic TRUST features out of the box...

So to prepare for this post for Y'all I tried to check my anger at the door and spread good cheer :

Also, I did these timed writing drills to prep:

  1. Did a dual post on Google +; 1 from an iPhone and the other using a computer that utilizes the Microsoft Windows Operating System...#3.5min...
  2.  Did a picture for a #7min entitle 7min PICTURE #8 DataToken1 before I added another notch onto my binarybiblestudy.txt belt: That picture is the one immediately above:
  3. Lastly, I did a 14min session on and prepared this list of cryptocurrency faucets: bitcoin  Dogecoin BTC$ Litecoin potcoin dash etherium

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