28min #2

        I warmed up for this thru out the day by doing a 3.5min, 7min, and 14min(respectively)

  1.  The 3.5min was made on an email looking into the real estate market in the British Isles. It was written with an accent'
  2. The 7 min was a recap of honk if you love cookie events and mementos...
  3. The 14min was a session over at www.typing.com

Water Coloring while Hydrating

This is a picture from last year as a carryover from the last session so is this referral to https://freebitco.in  
It's a bitcoin faucet up there^ & much more .:*:.

Seriously, folks, Y'all can get a 4.08% annual interest rate that is compounded daily and part of whoever you refer whois on the web and internet.   


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