@YHWH @jesus @AbiRatchford #Abba #Hijo #TheHolySpirit $QMCI this is the Trinity 4 me

The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is the divine Trinity and will be the topic of tonights QWERTY typing skill demonstration.

Abba (The Father)

YHWH= Yahweh

JHWH= Jehovah 

Almighty God in the classic Jewish tradition is referred to as the LORD Tetragrammaton throughout this blog because while seeking the LORD and calling on his name thru the internet and phone lines I found out that was how the Moses characterized the deity who knows who I AM everywhere,
DataToken1 inspired by YHWH during 10 7 minute writing drills

Hijo (The Son)

Jesus= Christ

Judeo -Christian

Born during 0 B.C.- A.D. technically though he claims he has always been being the founder of Christianity who was joined in ministry by his Hebrew mother, The Virgin Mary, in the worship of Almighty God @YHWH during the reign of Ceaser Augustus eventually inspired via the Holy Spirit @AbiRatchford to be a follower of @jesus on Twitter.

The Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit in Artwork, Chess and Minesweeper due to Jesus.

@AbiRatchford (The Holy Spirit)

Abigail= Abi

Queen of Social Media

She's just super from what I have seen and has inspired me to seek out the Holy Spirit so it can help me find a baby momma. Thxxx Abigail Ratchford for the divine inspiration and desire to continue with these works.

Hopefully, Abigail will see this & send feedback!