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 3 JOHN is thought to be written by John the Evangelist. It is a letter written to other Christians that at the end says peace be with you. 


 LAMENTATIONS is a book in the Hebrew Bible and in the Holy Bible that expresses deep sorrow for what happens to Jerusalem and Judah after 586 B.C. There is a part that reminds the reader that mothers ate their own babies because of famine set on by the siege that the Babylonians set upon them. In the end the author most commonly thought to be the prophet Jeremiah asks YHWH to restore them unless his anger is to great.


 2 JOHN is a short book in the Holy Bible. It is written in the form of a letter. The letter says to accept those who have the teachings of Jesus Christ and to reject those that don’t. You should have mercy and grace is also another lesson from this book.


 JEREMIAH is a book in the Holy Bible. The main character is called Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a Hebrew prophet who foresaw the fall of Assyria, Israel thru war with the Babylonians. Funny enough later he predicted the fall of Babylon. Praise YHWH, live long and prosper.


1 JOHN is a book in the Holy Bible. It is a letter that invites the recipients into Christendom. It says that if you don’t love your brother who you have seen you can’t love God who you have not seen. It also says to save yourselves from idols.   


 ISAIAH is a book in the Holy Bible. Isaiah son of Amos is the main character speaking through out the book. Isaiah speaks as a prophet of Israel during the 8th century B.C. He stressed the supremacy of Almighty God. He also reminded the people of Israel about the moral demands Moses brother of Aaron relaid from YHWH earlier during the Torah.


 2 PETER is about the Apostle Peter talking about Jesus Christ.


 SONG OF SOLOMON was a love song King Solomon of ancient Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ It reads like poetry. 


 This book in the Holy Bible was written by the apostle Peter. It is a letter to another believer in Christ Jesus telling him what to do to keep the faith that Jesus preached about during his lifetime.   


 ECCLESIASTES is a book in the Holy Bible that reads like a journal entry in a poetry book. King Solomon basically sings the blues and says everything is vanity. In the end he says to fear God and keep his commandments. YHWH please help me build quality backlinks to


 JAMES is a book ๐Ÿ“– in the Holy Bible that was originally a letter. It says that faith without works is worthless. That’s why I like working out ๐Ÿ‹️ and listening to an audiobook version of the Holy Bible at the same time. YHWH be praised thru this literary work of a book report. 


 This book report is on the book PROVERBS in the Holy Bible. PROVERBS was mostly written by King Solomon so that his children could gain wisdom from his knowledge. PROVERBS advises to acquire knowledge and wisdom. 


 PHILEMON is a letter that Paul wrote.


 Psalms is about a bunch of guys praising YHWH. It also shows ways of praising such as dancing ๐Ÿ’ƒ and using string instruments ๐ŸŽป. 


 Paul wrote about being an apostle of Jesus Christ and writes about what it takes to be a man of the church.


 Job is a book in the Holy Bible. In this book there is a man named Job who is a servant of the LORD. One day the LORD is having a gathering where his sons and Satan arrive. The LORD Almighty God boasts to Satan about Job at which point Satan suggests Job be tortured and tested to prove he isn’t worthy of the LORD’s praise. Eventually after much loss and many hard conversations with his friends Job and the LORD have a dialog where Job says he’s insignificant and the LORD says that he is not and gives him double of what he had before calamity struck. YHWH please make quality backlinks to


Paul wrote a letter to Timothy where he writes about how great God is.


Esther replaced Queen Vashti as queen and then used her influence to help save the Jews from destruction.


Paul wrote a letter to Timothy telling him not to let others with “knowledge” lead him astray from the faith.


Nehemiah was the cup bearer to king Artaxerxes of Babylon. Nehemiah asked the king for permission to go to his people in Jerusalem and help with the city. The king said yes because Nehemiah was sad. Once there Nehemiah managed to organize all the people so they could rebuild the wall around the city. In the end Nehemiah wants to be remembered for the good he did towards the LORD.


Paul greets his brothers in faith then writes about Jesus coming back.He closes by wishing for peace.


Ezra was a descendant of Aaron. And his book starts off with King Cyrus of Persia setting the Israelites free so they could go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the house of the LORD. Eventually some of the Israelites upon arrival begin to intermarry with native women again.


This book in the Holy Bible reads like a letter written by the apostle Paul to some Macedonians telling them to keep the faith in God and to follow the Lord Jesus.


2 Chronicles is about all the kings of Israel and Judah after King David. It showed how those who seek the Lord enjoy peace and prosperity while those who do evil and abandon him are abandoned in return.


 Colossians is a book in the Holy Bible that reminds the reader that there is a master in heaven and to pray.


1 Chronicles has a genealogy for humanity and Israel.


Philippians  is a letter written by Paul and Timothy that is included in the Holy Bible. Christ Jesus is mentioned throughout this letter because he is the means to good life according to Paul and Timothy. Paul and Timothy warn that you might go to prison or have to suffer on earth but would be rewarded in heaven. Thanks for reading this book report may the Holy Spirit be with you with all due reason.


This book in the Holy Bible is about kings of ancient Israel and Judah. Some kings were good in the eyes of the LORD like king Josiah while most were evil. King Josiah tragically was killed by Pharaoh Neville of Egypt even though he was good in the sight of the LORD. The book is enhanced by Chronicles 1 & 2.


Paul wrote another letter explaining why Jesus is the way to go.


This book in the Holy Bible is an account of how Israel went downhill after Solomon let other gods besides Jehovah be worshipped in Israel and Judah.


Paul writes the Galatians a large letter explaining why they shouldn’t be led astray from following Jesus. Paul also says you shouldn’t get circumcised and should live by grace and not under the law.


Samuel prophet of the LORD doesn’t appear in this book. King David is the protagonists even though he did evil things in the sight of the LORD of Hosts the God of Israel.


Paul wrote a letter to Corinthians that said the love and peace of God be with you. He wanted them to stay faithful.


In this book of the Holy Bible the Jewish people ask the prophet Samuel to ask God for a king to lead them like all the other nations and to do away with the Judges. Later on Samuel picks King Saul after talking to the LORD which ultimately makes bad decisions and dies by falling on his sword after a disastrous war for his family and all of ancient Israel.


Paul wrote a letter to a church in which he spoke of Jesus and urged the recipient to imitate Christ.


This book of the Bible is about a widow named Naomi who with the help of her widowed daughter in law Ruth was able to live longer. The LORD liked Ruth for her kindness and blessed her with another husband named Boaz after she worked on his fields.


In the Holy Bible there is a book called Romans. It was written to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The book advocates  good judgment  and a rejection of evil.


I just finished reading JUDGES in the Holy Bible and I realized that the LORD wants attention of people who once knew him intimately then cheated on him. God loves Israel and I pray for peace in Jerusalem.

ACTS May 14, 2020

I just finished reading ACTS in The Holy Bible. ACTS was about the lives of the followers of Jesus the Nazarene after Jesus was crucified.

San Juan Texas

I’m currently sitting thru a live broadcast of a San Juan Texas Catholic Church on May 10 2,020 A.D.  Hosanna.  I’ll probably read the Holy Bible later.

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R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

#IN light of new events I have to start making space for ads if I’m going to get stuff done and if #GOD permits #WE can get to know each other better and build some levels of #TRUST. I have to say that I’m writing on auto pilot for the next few minutes but I’m gonna make the best of it by choosing my words carefully to breed success for my blog, my very lonely blog that beckons you to visit. I’m also very disturbed by the events of today for Kobe Bryant and his family and friends. I pray that YHWH guides the city of LA thru this ordeal with honor and grace because the city mourns at this horrendous helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 9 children of 9 different mothers. Tough break for all the Lakers fan base. Hopefully some good can come out of this tragedy so that the loss of the Black Mamba isn’t a total lost. My condolences to Vanessa Bryant now widow of the desisted basketball star who help bring five NBA title to the purple and gold. No doubt the sport will mourn over the

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