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28min #54 proved to be too much disco for me.

I was supposed to write this creative writing exercise on my blog in a disco, but my shyness and procrastination kicked in, then COVID 19 started. After Covid settled down I still hadn't overcome my shyness, and anxiety in public places and I procrastinated some more. I decided that I have procrastinated enough and have decided to go ahead an start writing on my blog for 28 minutes at a time more often.

Reasons why:

  1. My writing skills are decreasing with entropy.
  2. I have to pump out more content for my visitors.
  3. In the Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale says to let your imagination run wild.
  4. I miss forcing myself to use the Word.

My goal is to make money writing in order to use the 12 years of writing lessons I received all throughout public school and the other lessons in writing I have received from writing products & YouTube videos like the ones above.

I really hope if you checked out the videos and got value from the creative writing tips, I posted above you will share this post on social media or your own website. Although it is a labor of love to write using the written word, I was brought up to be literate in order to profit from my education and the endeavors that spring from it so by you sharing it shows you caring about the value this blog brings to all of YHWH's family who discovers these pages.

As a bonus here is some more writings of mine: