28min #53

DataToken1's healthy 28min #53 habits.

 The timer is set. And IN 28 minutes it

will go off. GOD willing you will enjoy it and WE 

will all be the beneficiaries and can set up a TRUST for our kids.

Today I worked out as proven by the screenshot of my health records on my IOS based phone to the right and use this link to play πŸ‘½ALIEN RUN⛹🏿‍♀️ Also I just switch over from my phone during this creative writing session because typing on the QWERTY touchpad keyboard was becoming cumbersome and my thought started to turn to angry feelings of frustration brought on by diction woes and troubleshooting efforts that exhausted the pay and pray efforts that I did earlier on the day.

Calisthenics, swimming free weights and writing talking +running gaming with a little light stretching was done today. 

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