Saturday, September 10, 2022


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🙏May the LORD YHWH bless this domain name & this domain + name🙏

G O D F R E Q U E N C Y Abiding in God by Repentance

YHWH Affiliate Program

G O D - F R E Q U E N C Y    Abiding in God by Repentance

🙏Shabbat Shalom YHWH. Devoting this to you. 🙏

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YHWH is the God of Abrahamic faiths like Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Mormonism. Which come to think about there is a reason why as to not classify yourself as expressed by YHWH, Almighty God on Twitter

By the way if you buy from our affiliate links a commission will be made. 

The good thing is YHWH is merciful. 

He is also seeking to build a relationship with you and me.

There are many things that have been said about God but my favorite thing I have heard is that a rational person should believe in God because they have everything to gain if their right and nothing to lose if they're wrong. 

Blaise Pascal said that.

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