Ten Commandments List From the God (YHWH) Of Israel

Ten Commandments List From the God (YHWH) Of Israel

By Ikedi Ani-Okoye

The way the Creator (also known as God) wants us to live is important, some say that all Gods are the same but that is a choice that every individual has to make. For the purpose of this writing I will be dealing with the God of Israel that is found in the scriptures (also known as the bible).

So here is how the God of Israel wants us to live, hes laws are found in the book of Exodus Chapter 20.

The First instruction

He says we should have no other God before him.

The word God here can be translated as power, because we know in the world today that we put so many things before God, such as our careers and families.

The Second instruction

He says that we should have no graven image of anything that is in the heavens the earth or in the sea.Or bow down to them, if we do the God of Israel says that he will punish us as far as our third and fourth generation, because he we have forgotten him.

The Third Instruction

The God of Israel says not to take his name in vain. we see this everyday around us. People constantly say things like "God damn!" This is making Gods name vain because it shows a disregard for who he is.

The Fourth Instruction

The God of Israel commands us to rest on the sabbath (which means rest or seven), he says six days he work and on the seventh day he rested so he set this day apart as a day for us to rest on.

The Fifth Instruction

We are to honour our Father and Mother, so that our days will be long.

The Sixth Instruction

We should not Murder, for our own selfish gain

The Seventh Instruction

We should not commit any adultery, which is to sleep around with multiple partners.

The Eighth Instruction

We are not to steal

The Ninth Instruction

We are not to lie or be a witness against anybody that is innocent

The Tenth Instruction

The God of Israel says we should not lust after things that dont belong to us, this can be a car, house, somebodies wife etc..

We should be content with whatever we are given as believers.

In today's society the Commands given by the God of Israel tend to be over looked, but if we look deep, we can see that they are simple instructions that would only enhance our standard of living if we obeyed them.

You can find these ten instructions in Exodus Chapter 20 verses 1 to 17.

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