From Slave To Alcohol To Child Of The King

From Slave To Alcohol To Child Of The King

By Tobin Crenshaw

In the late 1800's Mel Trotter was a slave to alcohol. It consumed his every whim, and his every dollar. Married, he had a young child that was suffering malnutrition due to Mel spending all the family's money on liquor. As the child became more ill, Mel became more lost and distant.

One day he returned home to find his child had died at only four years old. Mel knew it was his fault. Weeping he told his wife, "I'm a murderer. I'm anything but a man. I can't stand it, and I won't stand it! I'll end my life." He did not follow through with ending his life. Instead within two hours of the funeral he was drunk again.

What happens when a person is so consumed with themselves they can't even see the needs of those they are created to protect and provide for? What does one do with a man or woman who is so selfish they would reach such a low place in their life that it would seem all hope was lost?

Perhaps more importantly, when life drives us to a place we never thought we would be, where do we turn, to whom can we plead our case? I hope in this most powerful picture of redemption each of use can see there is a presence even in the darkest pit, a presence of grace and mercy.

It seemed nothing could change Mel Trotter, he had simply fallen too far. Then one day he passed a chapel and heard music inside. As he entered the worship service he looked almost as bad as he felt. People began to pray for him, and in minutes he surrendered his life to Jesus. His statement about that moment is simply profound.

Eventually he would go on to found clinics to help people with addictions. When asked later on how he knew that he had truly believed in Jesus unto salvation, he would share something so powerful and moving, his words still ring through today over a century later.

As you read his words, carefully consider the prayer of John G. Lake that follows. Then consider the same can hold true for you, Christ can truly change everything when you simply allow him to reign in your life.

Trotter's reply to how he knew Jesus had changed his life was this; "I was there when it happened, January 19, 1897, 10 minutes past 9, Central time, Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, Illinois, USA."

You can know with that certainty as well, no matter how far you think you have fallen. Perhaps the following prayer from John G. Lake will be a perfect place to start,

"My God and Father, In Jesus' Name I come to Thee. Take me as I am. Make me what I ought to be, in spirit, in soul, in body. Give me power to do right, if I have wronged any, to confess, to repent, to restore, no matter what it costs. Wash me in the blood of Jesus, that I may now become Thy child, and manifest Thee, in perfect spirit, a holy mind, a healthy body, to the glory of God. Amen."

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