The Strangest Secret

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The Strangest Secret

I'm practicing setting goals and working towards them.

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I Have Goals to Be Wealthy

I believe I will be wealthy.

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I Want to Be Healthy & Wealthy

The Strangest Secret is that we become what we think about all day long. 

Jesus said all things are possible to he who believes.

I Believe Literacy Was Reserved for Only the Wealthy of the Past

Hundreds of years ago only kings and nobles had access to tutors and scholars. They were fortunate enough to learn from the mistakes of the past and the successes of rulers. Today we are fortunate that most people have access to cheap or free education.

I use the 12 years of reading and writing lessons I received in my youth to study and write about prospering.

I started this blog complaining about my situation to YHWH. 

It might not have been too smart because when the Israelites complained to YHWH in the wilderness, he got mad and smote them with plagues like when they asked for meat to eat because they were tired of eating manna, and they got more birds to eat than they could handle.

But it worked out. He took pity on me and gave me stability, both in my mental health and my financial well-being. 

While I haven't profited monetarily from this blog directly, I have gotten peace of mind from writing down my thoughts about YHWH, life and experiences trying out affiliate marketing. 

I guess it's because if you add to someone's prosperity even if you don't prosper directly from that action, God rewards you in some other way.

I ask Almighty God YHWH to bless this blog & its patrons.

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Thank you for reading, have a blessed day.