The Only Thing That's for Sure is Death & Taxes

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The Only Thing That's for Sure is Death & Taxes

So why not use taxes to help you live a better life?

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Learn About Getting Rich Using Taxes

Check out these videos featuring Tom Wheelwright.

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Meet Tom Wheelright

Tom Wheelright is a CPA, business owner, investor, author and Rich Dad adviser. 

In the videos showcased he is a guest on the BiggerPockets podcast and talks about how to get rich using the tax code to help you invest in what the government wants you to invest in. In these talks Tom tells you the benefits of owning real estate, businesses and producing energy.

Tom is a Former Missionary and Follower of YHWH

I read in Tom's book Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes that he learned from his time as a missionary how to be a better person/business owner. 

I also learned how you want to use compounding interest, leverage, velocity and tax strategy to put you in the fast tract of investing so you can get richer faster.

Tax Free Wealth is a book I have personally read and endorse for my readers

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Since the only thing that is sure is death and taxes doesn't it make sense to learn the most you can to soften the blow of both?

Learn from Tom, take your taxes seriously to live a rich life and believe in God to have hope in the afterlife. 

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