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Learn About Wealth!

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I'm a student of wealth.

I read books on wealth, watch YouTube videos, hear podcasts like the ones by BiggerPockets, and have taken seminars online and off. I haven't become independently wealthy when it comes to material wealth but I have spiritual wealth because I have chosen to follow YHWH (Almighty God) and be his affiliate. He has given me inner peace after years of mental health problems. I have documented some of my thoughts during that bad time like in the year 2,019 a.d. throughout this blog.

The strangest thing that used to be a secret to me is that you become what you think about. For as Jesus Christ said all things are possible to he who believes.

So, I choose to believe that by me sharing my experiences I will become a successful YHWH affiliate and he will guide to a prosperous future. 

For instance, by me creating this blog post I have a chance to sell you something via my affiliate links like the ones above labeled Wealth Manifestation Offer & Click Wealth System.