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Options Trading Can Be Profitable Here's a Strategy to Use with a Sideway Stock

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I'm an options trader

Ever heard of the term pay and pray. I have, in fact I prayed to YHWH on Twitter tonight on the off chance that my out of the money call option will regain some value. I do it because it is one of the ways I insure my bets on Wallstreet. But it's not the only way. 

I sold a covered call on my 100 shares of FHNC to recoup 25% of my cost basis on a contract that expires in 2 days after origination.

Another way I potentially ensure my portfolio is by waiting for an at the money strike to be hit and then look for the ask price for a call and a put of the underlying stock to be the same for both, buy an equal amount of each and count on a price swing to get me profitable one way or the other. The good thing about this strategy is that I have a small spread to beat. 

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God Bless!