Guitar Riff 11

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Guitar Riff 11

I have been practicing guitar, but I haven't gone to the music store because I have not monetized any of my endeavors by which I mean I haven't made a sell through affiliate marketing, my stocks are down and so is my crypto.

I am happy that I am one of those Americans that could handle a $1,000 dollar emergency because I have about that much invested in crypto and stocks. But that would dwindle fast with today's inflation alongside my need to buy food, shelter, water and clothing if it were not for the welfare checks I get.

So, I say thanks YHWH for providing a system of government that helps the poor and mental health deficient blogger on disability. I am happy to be a YHWH affiliate and am making YouTube videos on my channel to reflect that.

Peace be upon you and if you can please share this blog post and YouTube video so that others will watch it.

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