Creative Writing Exercise

December 31 2,019 A.D.

Crying because I can't find my weed!


"Dad what is up with God (YHWH) distributing luck?"

'THERE is a purpose  4 everything that happens. No such thing as luck.'- Abba

 I'm not driving.
I know who is going to bound the synagogue of Satan the one whois trying to snare good hard-working folks.

DataToken1's memoir of 2,019 A.D.

I did 53 editions of 28 minutes of typing on a QWERTY keyboard to use the 12 years of writing lessons I got as a kid thnx to L.A.U.S.D. b4 the 54th edition proved to be too much disco for me on June 12, 2019.

During that time audiobooks which drew inspiration from the good old classic book report were listened to and then a game-changer happened:

Armed with the knowledge that Almighty God (YHWH) the LORD Tetragrammaton was a bastard, is still a bastard to some & will be a bastard to those who lack understanding, DataToken1 a.k.a. @DToken1 formally adopted IEHOVA to be a strong male role model for Jesus (Emmanuel) on June 30 2,019 A.D.

Then some more Revelations:

  1. Audiobooks provide very good material to report about. Examples include The Holy Bible, autobiographies, school subjects, etc.
  2. I stopped warming up before exercising.
  3. Person of Interest became Jesus Christ.
  4. Jesus was supposed to be called Emmanuel to be accepted by the Jews because there is a reason the 5 and the 10 freeway arent called the same thing but they do meet via the hub that is downtown Los Angeles, California.
  5. My crazy life will continue to inspire others.
  6. I had to leave Reseda CA but would eventually have to come back.
  7. Payback is a bitch.
  8. Renata Ventura has God's heart. 
  9. P.C.