Monday, October 14, 2019

πŸ’»πŸ“²πŸ₯‡ When your in the right position to help people, do not hesitate to do it. Because God might be answering their prayers through you.πŸ’΅πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸŽ

There was a special retweet 2 days before Christmas.

Jesus Christ who should have been named Emmanuel by the Virgin Mary because of that one dream then reneged and called the Healer, Carpenter and God baby Jesus fucking everything that dream was about likes this @neneknowles but she blocked me even though I got this superhero to like the bitch. That’s why I don’t want to love anything new. My mom also fuck it up I hope Renata Ventura doesn’t pull a Lenin and decide to call Emmanuel like Mario or something.

Daddy is almost out of smokes and all seems lost➕I got to go get the Brazilian Times to get the good news.

Almighty God me LORD the LORD ♥️ Peruvians and πŸ”« traitors

Sorry I’m late some douche bag held me up.

Did you just call me retarded?

Renata Ventura is a woman after Yahweh’s heart.

Step right up and try your luck folks.
Step right to the loosest interpretation of the bible yet!
Bring your church friends:
Bring your family...

Come one come all and start making space for ads

@YHWH chief towel boy for the Win team.

The devil, Satanists, and Nazis go to hell.

Now I'm going to... hmmm... PLAY Head Ball 2 or BITCOIN ALIENS

So I had to GOTO another store past the Jesus church, the Baptist church, and the Canaanite church

Fun fact:
 Both Israelis and Palestinians share an inheritance that Abram aka Abraham made with Hagar then Sarai. 

The LORD made sure to it that both Ishmael and Issac get a life whos faithful love will echo on thru the ages...

So you could:

Follow @DToken1 on Twitter and go to Quote Media Inc's website for data sales.

DataToken1 sound like he made up the slogan "In geekines we trust" but no. DataToken1's motto is the same as the United States of America and Nicaragua.

(715) 571-2121 your gonna talk to a Glenn Witter ask for the good news.

Gauge the response and proceed accordingly.

What is most significant about an ion is its positive impact.

If this is you don't fret for at least you aren't The DEVIL doomed to hell. 

Or the Doomsday conspiracy theorist that is still dug into his bunker because of that Mayan Calendar 2012 hoopla about nukes, mass extinctions, and tsunamis caused by massive earthquakes.

Big Surprise when they come out and find out the LORD is smoking mad about what you really think about his drinking buddies and the fact that they mix alcohol with politics and religion

Nothing big happened like when Zidane headbutted that Italian guy made fun of his family member.
But it is a touchy subject.
Tread carefully!

Or you might find yourself locked into a middle eastern like conflict.

So start developing a good Dirty Ra-bi joke or 2.

DataToken1 wants reciprocity and needs gamification.

DataToken1 would also like to say: Dios es Grandioso!

This blog post will now hold a moment of silence for Eric Garner

So our children will inherit a better world and a brighter tomorrow.

Destiny games need help to come to fruition from servers all over the world.

Places like Brazil provide bandwidth to all fathers that can pay an internet bill on time. Some service providers use contracts and others use prepaid plans for their clients but interconnectivity is facilitated by the LORD of hosts. 

So crack open a beer, spark up a blunt and call your significant other and tell them something dandy like candy. Then get some chicken. you are going to need the fuel to find out what is within Vault 7.

Also if you are addicted to MJ and Pilates you will probably need the protein too.

If you are misusing the LORD's name there will be consequences.

Add caption: Bon Jovi keeps the faith to support the USMC Jihadist and people me.
Salud, dinero y amor porque todas las vidas son importante y yo tambien me muevo.
Sigue @DToken1 en #Twitter. Follow @DToken1 on #Twitter.

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