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I'm a typing up this wordsmithing session inspired by and including the Holy Spirit to appease the father of Jesus Christ Superstar of Nazareth to develop arp skills. 

I also going to tell you about the person of interest that the LORD help protect America and her interests.

Just  IN case you were wondering what topics you use to encourage others to donate their small talk here to raise awareness about foster care here are some suggestions|

  1. At church say this:

  • "GOD cared enough about a little Israeli to get him adopted by his oppressors. That baby got named Moses and then chose to reveal himself as the Great I am foster enough forces for when he needed them again and again."
2. When you can't have a baby:

  •  "WE have other options like being a big brother or adopting."*
3.At a TRUST building event}

  • "Before I fall into your arms and since this feels like love at first sight just know that I'm pro-life."