28min #52

"School's out for summer." -Alice Cooper

Skylly_W is the right Wong to scoop.it up;

@DToken1 is not going to any grammar rodeo that was just a ruse.

Predecessors include your mamma, The Greatest Generation and with that the Greatest regeneration. Along with a follow from 2606:4700::6810:9b24 and its founder @chrispcritters on Twitter.

Well, I told you that I saw a baby throw up on Twitter. For some IN at about 5insh. rEDACTED writer's block! ( Why GOD why do I have to reapply this picture^_V.) And why do WE TRUST that it's better to redact a cuz word when your mom and dad both called you while you were jotting down your thought during 28 minutes of link building and fulfilling DM prompts to action to read 28min #52?