28min #49




Thank you @Skylly_w for the follow.
Well, I've foreshadowed 28min #49 with trending tweets IN efforts to be a 24 hour 7 day a week Champion at (micro) blogging. And I wish I could give you a reason why I never invite people over. But all I got is GOD awful warning from my mom as a kid that if something was to happen to somebody WE would be held accountable by the home insurance company and that is why I can't TRUST you here at home. See you abroad though.  


  • I got a notification from my efforts to do things well and backup my faith with works.

 Consider this hyperlink if you are a Futurama enthusiast searching for some penguin 4.0 related material: Click here to read about the Birdbot of Ice-Catraz. Hopefully, some link juice from the Twitter bot algorithm will pour into this post too.

Duh: #HAHN get indexed along DataKey1 and the label and tag pay and pray.
I also would call my 4-word movie title:



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