28min #29

So to prep for this 28min blog post during prep time got this
 a snippet of ads. So to further prep for the 28min session that 
will use a different color than the captions. Except for the links. 
Use those to go farther. It's in a book that for 3.5min type prep was done,
 then a 7min prep was done for 28min #29. Now to...  

The color will be!

Drum roll please:

RGB  182 215 168 

  1.  Use a Coinbase wallet!
  2. Game on your phone!!!
  3. Sharks and sheep:
Hey QMCI a.k.a Quote Media Inc

Sometimes it's about the notes you don't play...

 So whilst preparing food, or typing to the beat of a keypad, or getting ready to tidy things up a bit you could play music. the play ALIEN RUN and music at the same time off of your smartphone of either IOS or Android operating systems. So boost your social security benefits. As for me, I'm going to type and transcribe for the remaining 2 or so minutes to get the most link juice possible by building foundations that are applicable to the human reader and spider bot alike. Hey you, share it index it...
... prep for 14min to warm up the QWERTY skills. By using
finger dexterity along with the muscle electrical impulses that
the muscle known as the "brain" uses to type over a home row.
Beat writer's block! Beat writer's block!!!
You're not looking at the big picture!!!
 29. Here it goes again. This entry will be about the materials
 researched in this session( The Bible, built to last, western sunset
 gardening, stock market investing, master cam, C++,
 Machine shop math, Data structure & algorithms made easy
, and anthropology). All of these subjects involved the mathematical
practice of division. Whether it’s separating an issue to solve a problem,
 getting a payment, pruning a plant, separating
 tasks to better make a product, & cell reproduction,
 all of these things use a process to make stuff happen.

So 7min + 7min = 14min prep

Comment below on what you can do in 3 minutes!