28min #25

Calling upon God has saved many in the bible. It is a fundamental tenet of faith that God does right for people by creating a spacious place called Earth. A haven in the vastness of the space where people can make music with musical instruments that amplify their various types of players that is as simple as asking God to help because of the Righteousness of God is worth not ignoring and discarding by sending it to voice mail...  
  Yesterday I contacted the sales department of Quote Media Inc (QMCI) via a 56min letter and I thought that since salespeople work there they would be interested in the topic of THE GREAT COMMISSION. First, off the term is a good sales term to convey that general failure wasn't an option with that good of a payoff was at stake. 

 The next phase in ALIEN RUN:


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 Thank you and God bless y' all... 

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