28min #24

There must have been a glitch in the matrix or something to have prompted a deletion of this pic. It's good. Yellow card and a penalty fix the transgression! Play on!! Gamers!!!

  To be fair everything that is written using fuschia took twenty-eight minutes to write the rest was filled in under the project name WORKING TITLE. So earlier as a verbal jab some the picture directly above was erased along with its original caption. That's OK. Electronic games that pay out bitcoin is a good consolation prize. It's OK to blow that whistle right. Call a player and invite a computerized game night and play some of the computer games of old. Or bust out your phone and play ALIEN RUN or something.    

ALIEN RUN and fair damsels who swing rackets for the game are notified here to get to play blockchain games that pay out bitcoin (BTC) use this link: http://www.bitcoingameapps.com/track.php? ref=6721858 & to get hot and bothered fuzzy ball handling gamers then use the force and Click here

  Ok so since writer's block is starting to kick in I'm going to go back and paste the 24th 7min entry from a creative writing word document that can be described as seven-minute writing drills under the subheading titled7min using fuschia, italics, the font Arial all in bold... And after the timer a 56min session to QMCI.


P.S brush your teeth and call yo momma! 


Adding captions:

24.       Labor the woman in the bathtub is in labor. Reports are coming in that labor is profitable. The thing about it is that there is a market for labor, because of labor. Anyways there is also this is kind of a laborious task I’m doing. I also understand that there are training videos that teach people how to perform labor. There is also a day devoted to labor (It’s a national holiday you know). Labor can also be intensive &/or outsourced. There is also a union for labor, some local, some international.


Typed for 14 minutes to practice QWERTY skills. At www.typing.com today lessons on computers featured intel such as: 
  1. The central processing unit (CPU) is the "Brains" of a computer.

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