28min #23

The original caption was lost to some technical difficulties for 28min #22 along with 3.5 min work 7min caption fixings and a 14min session of stuff. God speed little doodle. Abstract BTC links: https://freebitco.in/?r=16923964 http://www.bitcoingameapps.com/track.php? ref=6721858 

If you want to develop your transcribing skills over at www.typing.com and learn to type by press release in live practice, write jokes and you can also earn accolades.

Yo writer writes what you know about. Brush your teeth and say your prayers. Pay attention. At least whilst driving for gosh sakes!!! Editor !! Proofread! Reader sit back or sit up if you are doing ab exercises and getting your daily reading. 

Download from the cloud consider this an acceptance to the public invite that was given as a press release to comment and simply and increase the transparency of the rules for determining control of a banking organization: Quote Media inc (QMCI)

Did a typing session via transcription. 

So how have you been? This is an acknowledgment that 28min #21 was a transcribed account that was cut of by the timer going off in 28min #14 so call your mother! Ask her what's on her mind!! Why don't ya?

28min #22 was a real catch 22...

So much for a heading

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