28min #21

Here is the link to https://www.typing.com/ that was put into the 7min text session for this picture titled 28min #21 which took 3.5min to draw and now for that 14min pic practice:
 At www.typing.com there is a lot of transcribing as a form of typing skills development instruction. Also in an earlier 28min session, I was going to tell you about a dream I had then the timer on my phone went off. So as a way to meld both the practice done at https://www.typing.com/ and deliver on a telling you about a dream here is one from a December first Two Thousand fifteen in the years after Christ.

 Dream singles transcribe:

   Dream 12-1-2015

I was @t home (where I grew up) and then we decided as a family to go on vacation to Japan. We went via airplane which we went thru an airport. When I got there my parents stayed at a hotel with my sisters and niece. I went and talked with my dad and he told me of a small house he owned there. When I went outside I saw my surroundings there were people lined up in front of a food truck and there were a bunch of people lined up in front of it waiting to get food. They were of different ethnic backgrounds like in a metropolitan city. When I got to the house my dad said he owned and walked thru the door it was a studio apartment where one of the doors led to the bathroom and the other to the outside. There was a T.V., couch, bookshelves filled with books and V.H.S. videos. I put in one of the videos it was about attracting women videos older than that one show THE PICKUP ARTIST. While watching the video I felt like this doesn't work and it's all the same. I was freaking out because well that's how it is. I told my niece my feelings and I was told its like you went thru the doors...


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