28min #18

This post is for Quote Media Inc (QMCI)

Closed at $00.135 on April 17 2,019 A.D.

     Dear Quote Media Inc,

           How are you're sister cities? Did you ever get around to making that website for Ataco de Concepcion? You want me to tell the big guy upstairs on you? Have anything particular to say?
This is a picture of a horses' ass! Here is a link to get in contact with QMCI https://www.quotemedia.com/contact
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Yesterday I asked a question and it went a little something like this:

Have you ever felt you had to pay to pray?
Well, have you? 

I told you I'd keep you in my prayers. Also, I hope all is well on your end... Blah, blah, I got a little bit of writers' block back there, it's better now. Ever since I kept in light contact with this particular QWERTY keyboard this blog post has been writing itself basically. This is handwritten and computer generated.